Emergency/ Expedited US Visa Appointments in Mexico for F1 & F2 to F1 Visa Holders

Emergency / Expedited US Visa Appointments/ Visa Interview dates booking in Mexico at US Consulates / Embassies / Embassy in Mexico for F1 students for F1 Visa renewal who are currently in USA/ F2 visa holders who are looking for F2 to 1st time F1 stamping in their passport.

This page is useful for students who are currently in USA for their F1 visa renewal stamping / F2 to F1 - 1st time stamping - you are eligible for Emergency US Visa Appointments / US Visa Stamping in Mexico as of Nov 13th 2020.

No matter which country are you from, If you are currently in USA on any USA Visa which is valid or Expired -> Good News for students who are planning to get their F1 visa renewal stamping in Mexico (or) F2 to F1 - 1st time stamping (or) B1 to F1 1st time stamping or H4 to F1 - 1st time stamping (or) L2 to F1 - 1st time stamping : Monterrey location was giving Emergency / Expedited visa appointments for folks whose classes are starting within next 30 days or classes are on-going, you can finish stamping F1 stamping in next 1 to 2 weeks (or) within next 30 days.

Monterrey location did not have any denials until now from last 3 years (based on clients who took our services for F1 visa stamping in Mexico)

A lot of students from Bangladesh recently attended for F2 to F1 stamping in Monterrey Mexico through Emergency visa appointments through our services.

Heard for F1 visa renewal at home country has straight away rejections for students who are doing 2nd masters / Phd from Day 1 CPT universities, but based on what we heard / observed among our clients was many of their friends / our clients got approved in Monterrey Mexico.


  • Update : Nov 13th 2020 : (Monterrey & Mexico City are good locations so far - which have been accepting emergency appointments better than any other locations )

  • How to travel to Monterrey(I) or Mexico City (I)?

    1. Monterrey & Mexico city are both interior locations in mexico.

    2. To fly to Mexico City or Monterrey - you must need some sort of any valid US visa (or) Canadian (or) Japan (or) Schengen (or) UK visa (or) Mexican visa (or) Australian passport Holders.

    3. Alternative way to travel to Monterrey (IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANY OF ABOVE LISTED VISA ) = Fly to Laredo Texas, Come to Nuevo Laredo border border to International Bridge 1 or 2 - which is 20 mins by Uber from laredo airport & our team can help you with transportation from Nuevo Laredo border to Monterrey(3 hours), After your passport gets stamped in Monterrey, you can take same route back to USA (or) use that valid stamped US F1 visa to fly directly to USA - We helped many clients through this route by traveling to Monterrey from Nuevo Laredo border through Land.

    4. If you are coming by land to Monterrey from Nuevo laredo border - Just apply for Toursit / FMM card at www.mexicocouristcard.com



1) What to do incase of visa denial ?

We have not seen any visa rejections / denial from last 3 years of our service. If you are still doubtful, you can try to get one of below listed visa's. It can help you to fly to India/ your home country from monterrety to big city in mexico (mexico city) incase if gets denied (which did not happen

2) Who are our clients from last 3 years of your service for F1 visa renewal stamping (or) F2 to F1 stamping ? How many got approved ?

Our clients vary from different universities(Regular full time students to Day 1 CPT universities etc.,) & they are from different countries(India/ Bangladesh/Nigeria/ Uganda/ China/Ghana etc.,) - As this is not 1st time stamping. very less(so far 0%) chances to get rejections in Monterrey Mexico. Usually in home country for 2nd masters - you will get a common visa interview question - why 2nd masters or why Phd - Might need to show strong reasons at home country to get F1 visa renewal - Also you might be asked about ties to home country while you attend for F1 visa renewal in home country. But we have not seen any such questions in mexico during visa interview questions.

Soon we will be gathering all F1 visa interview questions & list that info here.

3) Do i need to carry any documentation while going for Emergency visa appointments for F1 visa ?

For students, there is nothing specific to carry for Emergency US visa interview, you just carry your I-20, funding documents, classes start date etc., Sevis fee receipt.

  • If you are a F1 student or F2 to F1 visa – with classes starting within next 30 days or classes already started/ on-going, then you are eligible for Emergency / Expedited US Visa appointments/ visa interview dates booking in Mexico.(Monterrey & Mexico City are recommended locations for students to get their stamping)

  • If you are on any US visa(B1/ L1A/ L1B/ L2/ H1B/ H4/ E3 / E3D) & need to get your first time F1 stamping - you can get emergency appointment in Monterrey Mexico now & can finish visa stamping in next 2 to 3 weeks from now.

  • A lot of our clients who are from India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Uganda, China were able to successfully attend for F1 stamping through Emergency / Expedited visa appointment at US consulates in Monterrey & Mexico city and got successful stamping done.


Step by Step process to book emergency appointment in Mexico (Due to COVID, many doctors, students, research scholars got stamped through Expedited / Emergency visa appointment.

The following situations may qualify you for an Emergency Appointment:

  • If your end client / employer works on any critical field during current COVID situations / working on any critical infrastructure that helps current US economy - you can input that info in your Emergency request reason & can give it a shot to get Emergency appointment. It's 70% chances to get emergency approved by this way. As long as you articulate what you do / what your company does in easy and understanding manner in your request - you will get emergency appointment request approved

  • A medical emergency,

  • Death of an immediate family member,

  • A business emergency

  • U-Non-immigrant visa applicants

  • Student visas F, M & J.

Info by www.usvisastampinginmexico.com


1)Fill ds160 (1st page, save it

2)Register your profile in visa interview dates booking website (Contact us, we will share you a PDF file which has all these step by step process in detailed manner)

Contact us by Whatsapp for help / ask any questions by clicking this link : https://wa.me/19013084647

3) You will get a visa application fee payment instructions PDF file, that needs to be taken printout and fee must be paid in Mexican Banks. (we can help you with that) ; we can also help you with accommodation & transportation services in mexico location.

( As you being student - we will offer you 25$ discount for accommodation & transportation services if you take our visa fee payment help, Also we can offer you better discounted prices as much as possible - so we can help you to finish successful stamping)

4) Once we pay your US visa application fee in Mexican Banks on behalf of you - contact us www.usvisastampinginmexico.com (or) Email : venkatramrm@gmail.com

4) you book non-emergency appointments at any location in Mexico where dates are available.(As of now - they are available in Jan / Feb 2021)

5)Click Close that page & Click continue

Next step is to request for Emergency appointment (Which is available within 1-2 weeks usually - YOU HAVE THE OPTION TO SELECT EMERGENCY APPOINTMENT DATE) - Better to select a week further from now - so you can plan for your trip to Mexico.

6) You will see "Request expedite" option - that's your emergency / expedite appointment request option.

Select that & include reason(500 words limit)

7) And select location where you want to attend emergency appointment + select date and time (This location can be different than what you selected above for non-emergency appointment)

8)You can use same ds160 and same Visa fee payment to attend at any location in Mexico

Note : Emergency appointment request is valid 1 time per profile, better to apply at locations where you can get that request approved mostly - Monterrey and Mexico city (For students is good.,)

For Doctors & Research scholars & medical students - You can try for emergency appointments in Monterrey / Mexico City / Nuevo Laredo / Tijuana / Hermosillo in this order based on what we have observed.

9) If that emergency request is rejected, you use the same US visa Application MRV fee payment you made to book non-emergency appointment

10) But if you want to try emergency appointment at different location, you need to create new profile using new email & need to pay visa fee again

11) Once your Emergency request is approved, Inform us, we can help you with discounted rate for accommodation & transporation services for taking our visa fee payment service in mexico.

Explaining above situation in details : One of our client who needed F1 visa to attend classes immediately requested emergency appointment at Nuevo laredo, got that request rejected, she paid visa fee again using new profile and requested emergency appointment at Monterrey successfully & attended visa interview & got approved

Official Reference Link : mx.usembassy.gov/visas/nonimmigrant-visas/treaty-trader/emergency-appointments/


Contact us by Whatsapp for help / ask any questions by clicking this link : https://wa.me/19013084647

(or) Text : +1-901-308-4647

(or) Email : venkatramrm@gmail.com

(or) Visit our website : www.usvisastampinginmexico.com

Many of our clients who got Emergency visa appointments in Monterrey Mexico - Included reasons they submitted for getting Emergency Expedited appointments in Mexico.


F1 visa renewal - who are doing currently 2nd masters (or) Phd from Cumberlands University etc.,

Reason 1 : Currently semester classes are on-going. Need to activate F1 visa to continue attending classes, Please help to Expedite visa appointment.

Reason 2 : Classes start date is so and so(future date - within next 30 days or so), I need to get my visa stamped inorder to attend my classes. Please help to Expedite visa appointment.

Joining for masters / Phd to continue working on research on COVID etc.,


Documents to carry for your F1 (or) F2 to F1 visa interview :

1) i-20

2) US visa dates booking confirmation.

3) DS160 single page confirmation.

4) Funding related documents - Self funding or by Family.

5) Sevis fee receipt (If you have not paid)



US Visa Application MRV Fee payment in Mexico - matamoros - Nogales - Nuevo laredo - Tijuana - Ciudad Juarez - Monterrey - Mexico City - Hermosillo - Guadalajara - visa renewal stamping interview at US Consulate Embassies. Embassy Mexico for Emergency Expedited appointments - US Visa Support Services - Customer Care